Energy Saving System


In the current worldwide and aggressive commercial center, every single driving producer are looking for approaches to all the more productively deal with their energy utilization. Automation is the unmatched potential for energy savings, and therefore cost savings. Electrical outlets or even individual devices can also be automatically powered down from wasting energy on forgotten lights and appliances when they're not needed. Automation gives you access to control lights, appliances, even individual points electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems -- are hooked up to a remotely controllable network referred to as the “Internet of Things” in which everything has a assigned IP address, and can be monitored and accesses remotely through smart phones and tablets while we are away. The solutions we offer for Office Automation would make your office environment comfortable, safe and sophisticated; but you must be quietly wondering how this irresistible luxury affect you financially and more importantly the environment you are working in.

We have other novel technique for energy saving which is regulated by microprocessor & controlled by mobile phone through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi of individual rooms. For promote vitality sparing capacity the proposed framework synchronized the fans hand-off drive with the forced air system to forestall synchronous running.

  • Advantage
Advantage / Benefits
  • Save time and effort! Considering the hectic work schedules, More money, More time, More comfort, More health, More convenience, More hope for the future
  • Enjoy smart management of highly repetitive tasks without moving from your space via Light & Fan Control, TV Control, A/C Control
  • Enjoy enhanced productivity, as you can focus more on other works.
  • Energy control lets you save big on electricity bills month after month.
  • Creation of green building, contributing towards saving the planet earth