Solar - Power Generation


Solar Energy Generation is one of the fastest growing and most promising renewable energy sources of power generation. Electrical Power Generation depleting fossil fuels day by day and also its usage raises serious environmental concerns. These are the reasons of development of new energy sources which is renewable energy and economically safe.

The renewable energy sources include wind, solar, water, biomass and geothermal energy sources. Out of which, solar energy has the greatest potential in the long term and is predicted to play a major role in coming years. It is the cheapest method of generating electricity compared with other energy sources. The solar energy is converted into electrical energy called as Solar Power Energy, and this conversion process takes place by using solar panels, charge controller, battery and inverter.

  • Project Features
Project Features
  • • Solar cells used for power generation causes no noise. Whereas generators or turbines of other methods causes noise pollution.
  • • It does not cause much pollution compared to other power generating methods such as a thermal power plant, nuclear power plant, and so on.
  • • The solar cells do not consist of any moving parts and hence requires a little maintenance for their operation.
  • • The solar power offers energy security by avoiding the general power system in which there is a possibility of power theft.
  • • The solar energy can produce 50% of the power required to house by installing the solar panels.
  • • In long term usage of solar energy, the solar power setup investment can be regained at maximum levels as solar energy is free of cost.
  • • It can be considered as a job creating power house, if once the installation or construction of solar power stations is initiated, then it will offer more job opportunities for many engineering students.