Solar Cooking


Now, solar cooking is an area which has been getting attention requires more focus. India has been a pioneer in using solar concentrating technologies for the purpose of steam generation for various applications.

A Solar Cooking is a system which uses the energy of direct sunlight into heat. Solar cooking system used no fuel and cost nothing to operate to promoting their use worldwide in order to reduce fuel costs and air pollution. Solar cooking is a form of outdoor cooking and is often used in situations where minimal fuel consumption are important, or the danger of accidental fires is high. Solar cooking mainly works on three principles i.e. concentration, absorption and retention.

Solar Cooking System consists of concentrating reflector that moves to track the movement of the Sun The steam generated in receivers due to solar energy goes to header. The system is connected with feed water and steam pipelines that in turn are inter-connected with the boiler and cooking vessel system. The concentrating reflector back to a starting position in which the reflected beam is aligned with the axis of rotation rotates reflector, and starts the tracking mechanism (Electronic). The angle between the axis of rotation and the concentrating reflector to accommodate the seasonal variation in the height of the Sun. Once the reflected beam is aligned with the axis of rotation of the concentrating reflector and the timer is in motion, the reflected beam remains aligned with the axis of rotation all the day.

  • Project Features
Project Features
  • 1. Specialized solar grade mirrors with 90% reflectivity.
  • 2. The system can sustain wind velocity of 200 Km./Hr.