Pump House Automation



Pump house Automation is designed to reduce man power required to operate, control and monitor the equipments efficiency of pump house from mobile device through web server to controls boosting & submersible pumps, maintain water level within limits as desired by user. Pump House Automation used in Government, commercial and residential buildings.

When water level come down or exceed the defined/Fixed high level limit, the pumps are commanded to run or stop pumping. Control panel is used to analysis the pump’s operation & its efficiency, water discharge curve which can be analyzed in SCADA Software so that real time activity in a pump house should be stored in a queue.

  • Project Features
Project Features
  • • Provide consistent water on all floors.
  • • Boost the force of water in all your taps and showers.
  • • Efficient energy consumption.
  • • Require very little maintenance.
  • • Low noise, tuff, economical to operate and reliable.
  • • Wide range.
  • • Simple installation to moderate existing pump house.
  • • Interworking Gateway module for monitoring & operation of pump house.